Interview: Dishing with Georgia’s Vegan Remedy

I got to connect with esteemed marketer and famed foodie, Judy Lee, all about veganism!

Judy is an established marketer and a heck of an entrepreneur, having worked with the CBC, LCBO, PepsiCo, and now building up her food brand via Instagram and her site. Our interview focused around the mindset of veganism and how you can make tiny adjustments to your lifestyle that will have an incredible impact.

A point that I wanted to make clear: eating vegan does not mean that you are eating tossed-spinach salads as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The great part about veganism – especially in the 21st century – is that there is an infinite number of options for fried food and desserts to create and purchase that are 100% vegan.

A vegan lifestyle means that you are not ingesting the hormones, cholesterol, and diseases from another being, so by any case, it will always be the healthier alternative.

Watch our interview below:

Spark Notes:

Small swaps you can do that will make a difference:

  1. Swap dairy margarine for vegan margarine (i.e. Becel is my favourite)
  2. Swap dairy milk for plant based alternative (i.e. Oat, Soy, Almond, Cashew, Rice, and so many more)
  3. Try out Yves Veggie Cuisine for plant-based alternatives to meats – they literally have everything that you could think of!

Support Local Restaurants that are making a difference:

  1. Bloomer’s – The best donuts in the WORLD
  2. Veggie D’Light – THE SPOT for incredible vegan Jamaican food
  3. Raw Aura – A female-owned restaurant that NEVER disappoints (I am treating my body right every day that I eat from here!)

Hope you enjoyed and maybe learned something!

❗️VEGAN FACT❗️: On average, going vegan for one month saves the lives of 30 animals.

Visit Dish with Judy to check out more of her interviews.

For interview inquiries, submit information here.

Georgia’s Vegan Remedy

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