Nuts for Cheese

I love a good holiday charcuterie board…this one is from this past Valentine’s Day and Nuts for Cheese just ASTOUNDS.

To date, this is my favourite brand of cheese – Not just vegan cheese, but all cheeses in its rich, artisanal flavours, and consideration of the lives of others.

Woman-owned, ethically-sourced, organic, and 100% Dairy-Free. The products also just taste incredible and I’m not alone in thinking this; The demand for Nuts for Cheese has exploded over the last few years and so the products are now available at most grocery stores across Canada.

I pair the Nuts for Cheese products with EVERYTHING. But if you want a little grocery list for your next kind charcuterie board:

  1. Vegan sandwich slices from Yves Veggie Cuisine (recommendation on them to come)
  2. Bread / crackers
  3. Vegan/dark chocolate
  4. Fruit, jam, marmalade, and more.

I feel lucky to live in an era where options like this exist in my everyday supermarket. I am impressed with entrepreneurs everywhere that are using their talents to make positive and sustainable changes in the world – and the enterprise corporations that are just trying to keep up.

I consider vegan cheese to be the optimal choice when I have dozens of products to pick from in a supermarket. Nuts for Cheese enables consumers to vote towards a kinder future with delicious alternatives.

Check out Nuts for Cheese online or in stores and do let me know what you think!

Georgia’s Vegan Remedy

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