Garlic Oyster Pasta

After having oyster mushrooms on some delicious pizza from @pizzeria.du , I was inspired to purchase a pack of oyster mushrooms and see what I could do with them ✨

In the end I didn’t end up doing anything really interesting with them other than making this creamy, garlicky mushroom pasta sauce🤷‍♀️…turned out to be something really easy and tasty to make. 👅

I sautéed some diced vegan chicken strips from @gardein (adds extra protein and iron 💪❤️), oyster mushrooms, as well as a couple cloves of garlic in a bit of vegan @becelca 🧈. Added salt 🧂 , pepper, parsley flakes, and thyme. Once golden brown, I poured in a bit of almond milk and more butter (whichever plant based milk works, I just like almond for cooking because it’s low calorie) and let simmer for five minutes. ⏱

Mix in your favourite cooked pasta and you have a super satisfying, gorgeous smelling and tasting meal. ✔️

While I got to say that this is definitely not an advanced dish, just getting in the habit of making your own sauces and spice mixes with basic dishes can improve your knowledge around flavour and food preparation 📝 . Meals like this can also just be staples for yourself when you’re down on time or need to cook for a bigger group. 🤗

❗️VEGAN FACT #47❗️: The average vegan has a cholesterol level of 133, 77 points lower than the average meat eater’s. A landmark study found no heart attacks in people with cholesterol levels below 150. – @peta

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